Guest House Mousafir Ontas

Mousafir Ontas


Discover the wild beauty of Epirus, going through mountains, rivers and valleys. Follow the paths that we suggest you and combine accommodation to our guest house with the return to nature.

Water, green fields and the stone-built bridges compose a scenery of extraordinary beauty and peace. Escape from anxiety and the city and relax near the pure nature.

Kapesovo – Vradeto – Tsepelovo – Skamneli – Giftokampos – Vrisohori

Σκάλα ΒραδέτουKapesovo’s large houses coordinating with the environment create a beautiful sight all around Agios Nicolaos church.
Before leaving the village, visit the location “Katafi” with excellent view to Mezaria gorge. On your way to Tsepelovo at your left hand side, on the top of the hill you will see Vradeto at 1350 m. with few citizens.
Whether continue to Vradeto or not, look carefully opposite the small gorge and you’ll notice the Skala of Vradeto which connected Kapesovo to Vradeto. Until 1973 the access from one village to the other was made only by that path.

Χαράδρα ΒίκουIn a small distance from Tsepelovo take a look at the historic Monastery of Sant John of Rogovo at the beginning of the gorge, as well as the bridge of Hasios.

In less than 3 klm the road brings you to Skamneli, which is a traditional village, built as well on the sides of Tymfi’s hill in altitude of 1.160 meters.

After a few kilometers more you will find one of the most beautiful forests of our country. Keeping up way to Vrissochori you will pass from Gyftokampos.

The crossroad on your right keeps you on the road to Laista. Visit the church of Taxiarches built in 1778 with the exceptional wooden art temple.

At Kapesovo there are plenty walking paths, like the path Kapesovo – Skala Vradeto – Kapesovo, with length approximately about an hour walking. At the point of Beloi the view to the gorge of Vikos presents the beauty of the natural sight. You have the ability to walk the path vice versa. Transportation by car to Vradeto and get down of Skala to Kapesovo.

Kapesovo – Ipsoma Ano kai Kato Gravista

The ascension to the village Ano Gravista lasts 15 minutes, while from the settlement to Kato Gravista needs an hour walk. The route is very dangerous and requires the accompaniment of a local resident of Kapesovo – Gorge of Vikos. The path was marked but a big part of the labels is damaged. The root takes one hour and ends below the church of Agia Paraskevi of Monodendri. The return takes about 2 hours.

Kapesovo – Koukouli

The root takes half an hour. Till St. Minas of Koukouli walking is in parallel to the road.

Kapesovo – Faraggi Silato or Vikaki

The path is not in use nor marked, and ends in the middle of the small canyon (Vikaki). Usually the path by St. John of Ronovou (Tsepelovo) is used and ends up in the Gardens (marked trail), or the path below Tsepelovo to Kipoi.

Kapesovo – Place of Katafi

It is a dangerous path at the east of Gravista. The duration is ten minutes and returns to the village at Katafi or Agriomarathos. The journey from Kapesovo to Mezargia lasts two and a half hours. The path is marked starting from the entrance of the village and passes under the Skala of Vradeto ending below the church of St. Paraskevi of Monodendri.