Guest House Mousafir Ontas

Mousafir Ontas

Tradition and luxury

In 1785 when Ali Pashas visited his friend Ioannoutso Karamesini, lord and in command, at Kapesovo, he was hosted in the lord’s mansion, the great Mousafir Onta.

Mousafir Ontas was the intended room of the mansion for hosting. Venetian mirrors, golden embroidered screens and the “starry sky” painted in the sculptured wooden roof, impressed Ali very much, so they say that he copied the mansion when he built his serai in the Castle of Ioannina.

Today, Mousafir Ontas at Kapesovo is a renovated mansion of 1836 with sculptured ceilings and multicolored closets, discreet luxury and contemporary convenience, hospitable for its friends and guests.

It offers in total 7 rooms, from which 5 three bedded and 2 twin bedded. The rooms are comfortable and offer the guest a frugal luxury.

Discover the sense of tradition and luxury that our guest house offers.